Torino Living Lab

Promote, develop and test new innovative solutions in a real context

Torino Living Lab is an initiative of the City of Turin created to promote, develop and test new innovative solutions in a real context: citizens, companies and public administration explore and experiment together innovative products, technologies and services in a specific area of the city in order to test its functionality and utility for end users and assess the impacts on quality of life.

In 2016, the City launched the first living lab on Campidoglio district, which thanks to the activation of 29 projects on different areas such as environment, mobility and tourism, has become the first urban space in Turin dedicated to innovation and smart city. With a second call launched at the end of 2016, the City has sought subjects to develop, test and promote mobile payment services for Registry Office’s procedures. In this context, the selected experimentation is still on going.

In April 2017 the experience of the City of Turin is further enriched with the launch of the so-called “Living Lab IOT” with a focus on testing Internet of Things and Internet of Data solutions for the Smart City. A large number of companies answered the call: 31, of which 12 were admitted to the testing phase and are now planning the activities together with the City.
Circular and collaborative economy are the focus of the next Living Lab that the City of Turin will launch this spring, within the AXTO Program for Suburbs development. In this case, economic contributions will be provided for the implementation of projects that are able to respond to the social challenges of the target areas.

Today, the City is working on the evolution of Torino Living Lab initiative towards “Torino City Lab”, with the aim of transforming the city’s territory into an always open living lab, by creating on one hand, digital and organizational tools to allow a more agile implementation of testing activities, on the other an ecosystem of local support subjects.